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I think I’m gonna stop queueing a lot of my posts/ worrying about if my queue is full.  It’s just a really dumb and honestly kind of irrational thing to be worried about.  And it might help me get off tumblr a bit more.  So yeah.   

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He replaced the idea of wanting to be liked with the idea of becoming accomplished. Instead of being interested in being popular, he became interested in being intelligent. And instead of wanting to be powerful, he became interested in being useful.
He said to himself: ‘Not everyone will like me. But there will be those who will accept me just for what I am. I will develop myself to such a point of excellence, intelligence, and brilliance that I can see through any problem and deal with any crisis. I will become such a master of my own abilities and career that there will be a place for me. People of all races will need me and not be able to do without me.’ And that’s just what he did.

Leonard Nimoy, explaining how Spock dealt with prejudice aimed at his Vulcan-human parentage in response to a letter from a mixed-race girl struggling with real-world racism. (via finallyfrontiered)
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life is tough when you’re a lazy perfectionist who simultaneously doesn’t give a shit about anything but at the same time cares too much about everything you feel

holy fuck I’ve never heard a sentence that describes me better

I thought I was the only one


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sponsored ads are fine like yeah whatever but forcing horror movie ads on people who are fucking afraid of horror movies is not fucking cool please stop this immediately

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